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 The Country of Hearts ~Wonderful Wonder World~

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PostSubject: The Country of Hearts ~Wonderful Wonder World~   The Country of Hearts ~Wonderful Wonder World~ EmptySat Oct 23, 2010 4:29 am

The Country of Hearts... the only way to access it is through a rabbit hole and supposedly falling asleep.
But is it really? When two people(anyone can play as them) are kidnapped by a girl and thrown down a rabbit hole, things go creepy and weird. They land in the Country of Hearts, or Hearts, which is ruled by the Queen of Hearts. This small town is at war with itself: The mafia(which is ran by the most recent generation of the Hatters) against the Amusement Park, and the Heart Castle against both of them. There is only one part of the town that is neutral, in the middle, which is called Clocktower Plaza. When the kids first arrive, they are forced to drink a strange "medicine", which they find out is supposed to keep them in the town until they fill up both their vials completely by interacting with the townspeople. But something about this town almost keeps them from filling up the vials, because every townsperson has a signature toy(violin, watch, shoe etc.) that can turn into a weapon. People here are serious about killing, and don't have a second thought about death. Why? Because each person has a clock instead of a heart, and when someone dies the clock breaks... but then the clocktower owner fixes those clocks, and another person is born with that clock, which replaces the person who died. Plus, there is no approximate day or night. It turns night and day randomly and there is never a estimated time for how long it'll stay... it might be nighttime for two minutes or four hours, same goes for day time. This town is very strange and creepy... how will the Outsiders get back, and if they don't, how will they become a part of the war?
(This is based off the manga Alice In The Country Of Hearts, which is a different version of Alice in Wonderland)

Go here so you can decide if you want to be one of the characters. You don't have to be them exactly, but you can take on their role if you like. There are going to be TWO people who are kidnapped, to give people a chance rather than one person. (Please, let there be one girl and one boy)


The Outsiders(Alice in the Wiki):
Peter White: Patty White (Me, I changed her gender ^_^)
Blood Dupre:
Elliot March:
Dee and Dum:
Boris Airay:
Julius Monrey: (Me)
Mary Gowland:
Nightmare Gottschalk:
Pierce Villiers:

Any madeup characters.


Species(note that you're mainly a neko person but you CAN turn into the animal)
Signature Toy:
Weapon(three is the limit):
Brief Bio:


Name: Patty White
Age: Don't ask...
Gender: Female
Species: White rabbit. I'm usually in my human form with my big bunny ears, but I can turn into a cute rabbit with my human clothes on^^
Signature Toy: Clock (as seen in picture but normal sized)
Weapon: Handgun
Brief Bio: I was born in a rich family, and grew up with fierce training. I am on the right hand of the Queen of Hearts now.
Personality: She's a sociopath, but she usually has anger issues and isn't afraid to kill anybody.
Role: Peter White
Job/Duty: Prime Minister
Other: She is in love with the boy Outsider(please, whoever is the boy do not love me back unless you ask me to, because I wanna keep the spirit of Peter White and because it'll be funny!)

Name: Julius Monrey
Age: >_>
Gender: Male
Species(note that you're mainly a neko person but you CAN turn into the animal): Human...
Signature Toy: None
Weapon(three is the limit): A gun o-o
Brief Bio: Nothing really.
Personality: Cold, quiet, trustworthy, but can be very dangerous.
Role: Himself
Job/Duty: Clocktower Owner
Other: I give the two Outsiders a home when they come. And I have a secret.,..
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The Country of Hearts ~Wonderful Wonder World~
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