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 The Den of Lions (a poem)

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PostSubject: The Den of Lions (a poem)   Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:10 am

The Den of Lions:
I stand upon the mountain of lions and deluded insects. With their white robes they dissect, with their plastic crowns they erect from the epiphany of the generations before.
Despite of all that’s liable, in spite of the fulfilling prophecy that’s been spoken from the bible. They still discard the truth behind closed doors. We are raised to be used, we are the tools used to abuse- With our eyes circled in tainted bruises, we stride on pavement through the park on our horses and we drift in on Noah’s ark, through the crimson oceans of body fluids left behind for us to pick up that your kings choose to lose.
We are the alliance, the allegiance, we are the lions-Welcome to our den. We rid the world of the polluting women, and men. We are the nameless, we are the crownless best, left to pick up the rest of their mess.
We embrace our flagless pole, although our logic may be filled with gaps and holes we will still rise above those who stand in the clouds. Like lightning we arise from the rotten ground, down and up, we will poison the kings mugs, and cups. So choke on your whores tongues, and cough up your black nicotine lungs. You decapitate the trees with your fireless torches, you crawl in on packs through the horizontal cracks, you slither your way into the dark, devouring those vulnerable left intact. You’re nothing but insects, and wingless roaches.
And yes we’ve wrestled in the dens of kings and lions, and yes we’ve erased the suns cherry horizons. With your kiss slathered in a curse, you deserve nothing but the very worst.
And yes it is impeccably true! We are the fallen pollen crew of the few. Like a broken record we will never stop, we will not run, we will not drop, and fall again. Welcome to our jungle, welcome to the lions den.
We are the under dogs, on feet we parade through the streets, down and out of the new dawns fog. Now watch as we burn down the hellhounds expired empire, to the very bottomless dire ground and body filled mounds in our raising, grazing, amazing fire.-RGP
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PostSubject: Re: The Den of Lions (a poem)   Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:16 am

Holy shit. Bravo Ronnie. Shocked
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The Den of Lions (a poem)
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