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 My dad's treatments

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PostSubject: My dad's treatments   My dad's treatments EmptyFri Oct 01, 2010 7:12 pm

The chemotherapy my dad took has a less than 10 percent chance of survival
The DMSO or alternative treatment has a much higher chance of survival probably 60-80.

The DMSO is a fluid that would clean out toxins in your system. It is used with a shot that takes the sugar from cancer cells. The DMSO flushes the dead cancer cells out.

Chemotherapy targets all fast growing cells, mostly hair and fingernails and almost never cancer.

The DMSO which comes in a bottle, costs 10-20 dollars. The shot that goes with it, about 175 dollars.

We dont know how much the chemotherapy costs since our insurance payed for it to save us from bankrupcy.

Unfortunately, the DMSO came too late for my dad. I know now that it would have worked back in 2009.

If you or a loved one contracts cancer look up DMSO treatment and dont believe any of it that has to do with chemotherapy.

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My dad's treatments
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