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 Something is missing...

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PostSubject: Re: Something is missing...   Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:25 am

*Turns to the demon girl*

"Yes, i am the princess."

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PostSubject: Re: Something is missing...   Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:44 am

The young girl looks at us and nods her head exposing a hearty smile as the four of us breath a sigh of relief. I turn my head and look over towards Sir Blake who currently is busying himself by looking at the pictures on the bookcase. I walk over to Sir Blake and announces my presence by clearing my throat, Sir Blake turning around and greeting me.

"I know you're troubled by something, please, do tell me what it is." I said.
"It's where we are. I grew up in that town my whole life. My historical memories were all traced from that town, and I refuse to find somewhere new to live." said Sir Blake.
"Look, I know. I wasn't planning that we leave in the first place, but we could have been unfortunate. That's why we find a new town, spread word of the revolt, gather some help to our cause, and take back our town." I said in a critical tone. Sir Blake looks at me in a serious way, then when he speaks, the tone of his voice lowering down to nearly a whisper:
"That young girl said her father went to a nearby town, maybe when he comes back we can ask him directions to get there."
I nod my head understanding his words, then I turn to Johann seeing that he's busy helping the old lady in the kitchen.
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Something is missing...
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