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 Supernatural Supremacy

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PostSubject: Supernatural Supremacy    Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:23 am

In the ancient Medieval World…there were Three Major Powers. There were the Vampires, The Lycans and the Humans. In a battle for dominance, the Vampires and the Lycans waged their brutal war throughout the years. The Vampires were led by Lord Draco, the strongest of the Vampire Elders and was equivalent to European Kings. The Werewolves were led by a young Werewolf named Desh who had united all the Werewolves and led them against the Vampires. The humans…of course where caught in the middle. Just lately, the Vampires had suddenly turned the tide of the war when the largest battle in the war occurred. Draco personally led his army and stormed the hidden location of the Werewolf stronghold. Countless were slaughtered on both sides but many claim that both leaders of the fractions met in personal combat with Draco emerging as victor. With Draco’s victory seemingly complete, the werewolves scatter leaving them leaderless. For years, the vampires reigned dominance until now..

The war has raged on into the Americas. Draco still remains at the head off the vampire leadership but a massive civil war had weakened his command and a new sudden rise of lycan power has caught the over confident vampires off guard. The lycans while mostly seen as poor civilians have grown rapidly and having made connections to the under ground and rumors speak of the Lycans becoming more unified with each other and more powerful. The Mafia families in New York under fear from the vampires forge an allegiance and begin to back the lycan under ground war effort to topple the vampires.

Draco struggles to keep his empire together and even now reminds wary from other new vampire heads while the lycans continue grow in strength.
In the day the vampires are business men who operate inside their sky scrappers, seeking to increase their funds and spread their influence. The lycans appear as regular civilians, operating in the slums of New York, seeking nothing but to be able to live freely but they can only do so by destroying the vampires who want complete control.


Vampires: Immortal "super humans" in a sense. They are faster, stronger then regular humans and capable of feats beyond any human. The older the age, the more powerful the vampires is. Their weakness lies in their inability to go into the sunlight.

Lycans: Being limited by full moons and darkness, they are much larger then vampires being sometimes 10-15 feet tall, and having frightening strength, they are bound to their furry hides when the full moon is out. Masters of using shadows to their darkness, their claws and thick strong hides make them a powerful enemy even in the face of a gun weidling vampire.

Humans: Humans are humans, some are capable of great feats but still out-matched in physical skills. While they are capable of going out in the light, they are still human and even then, some humans are mad enough to try and risk the process of becoming either a vampire or lycan which is a rather difficult process and they are more likely to be killed out right then to be converted..

Character out line:
Wingspan( optional ):

My character:
Name: Lord Draco
Apperance: Resembles a young handsome man with black, straight hair and cold blue eyes. Despite being several centuries old, he looks like a man in his prime in his mid twenties. He's constantly seen in his black suit of armor meant for a King. He large shealth is carried at his side which holds his legendary Sword. Considering times have changed, he usually wears more.. modern clothes.
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Several centuries )
Description: Regarded as the Vampire's greatest Warrior and Leader. Seemingly unmatched in combat. Despite his youthful apperance, he has a wisdom worth centuries of expirence but still has a typical arrogant self. He is known to slaughter any who dares steps in his way. He demands respect and his presence alone is said to be equal to thousands of men.
History: A Vampire Warrior who rose to the top after many years of war and death. He is of an ancient and noble bloodline of vampires, Draco's father himself was an elder whose skills with his blades easily surpassed many. Draco was a natural prodigy and it wont not be long till he surpassed his father. Soon enough...he did and the former great Vampire elder was said to resign from his poistion in favor of his son and that he was done for it was time for his heir. As time went legendary feats occured, ranging from the countless slaughtering of foes to the point of bringing the entire Vamparic Kingdom to his command. Those he deemed worthy were given the title Elder, rulers would ruled alongside himself. Draco's leadership and military abiltities are said to be for the sole reasons why the Vampires were as sucessful as they are. A warrior full of pride who also cared for his men. His Blood runs ancient and all powerful, considered to be the truest of all Vampires. Lifting but a finger, he's able control vast armies and kingdoms, crushing all those who will not bow to his merciless will. Draco has claimed supreme leadership over the Underworld, and every Bloodline must pay homage to his excellence or face a slow, painful, and degrading second death..Draco now see fit that the werewolves are to be slain to the last. When the Vampire Elder finally learned of the Werewolf's stronghold, he personally led a vast army and attacked. Draco slain countless himself and even killed Desh, the Werewolf Leader himself. Despite his reputation, he had been betrayed in a massive civil war and order had just been restored. Seeking to rebuild his power, Draco moves out of Europe and establishes himself in New York City.
Wingspan [if wings are present] Unknown
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PostSubject: Re: Supernatural Supremacy    Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:01 am

Character out line:

Name: Damon Uruhamu
Species: Lycan

Gender: Male

Age: I look like a 29 yr old human being, however, my true age is 500.

Description: A tall, slender yet robust body with silver hair that stops short at my shoulders. I also wear a long cloak made out of human remains. Long, over sized pants that touch the ground whenever I walk and a white shirt with dirt spots and small holes strewn about it.

History: Was a loyal soldier to the Lycans but traveled to America in search to go into battle. My pure, thirst for war led me to hunt out any vampires and killing them whenever I receive the opportunity. Since word of the vampire's recent denial in power, I took the time to slowly pull myself away from reality and conspiring with other Lycans to help defeat the vampires once and for all.

Wingspan( optional ):
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PostSubject: Re: Supernatural Supremacy    Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:33 am

Name: Maris
Species: Pretty much a hybrid, but more Vampire than Lycan
Gender: Female
Age: 375
History: Always one of the agressive vampires, she's a veteran, although she denies it and keeps fighting like any other soldier. She was pushed out of the army after being left in the sun when she was unconscious, and lost much of her power. She roams the streets looking for a fight, hoping that she will one day be sent back to the army. She hates Lycans, but does have a soft spot somewhere in her heart for them because her father was a Lycan.
Wingspan: 7 feet
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PostSubject: Re: Supernatural Supremacy    

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Supernatural Supremacy
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