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 The Secrets~ Chapter 1#. {based on a true story}

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The Secrets~ Chapter 1#. {based on a true story} Empty
PostSubject: The Secrets~ Chapter 1#. {based on a true story}   The Secrets~ Chapter 1#. {based on a true story} EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 10:40 am

[Writer: Trista Shay Crame']
[May have some explit language..be warned.]

The screaming and crying of a new born, a little girl, On December 18th, her Mother's name was Amber, last name, Tracy. the soft hand of the new born touched her mother's, her mother smiling with joy. The next morning, the little girls father, named Shad, walked in with the sister, around the age of six, her name was Chrisha, her first sister, Amber setting the little newborn girl into the father's arms, She looked up and smiled, the baby still asleep, Shad smiled and looked at amber with joy, "What should be name her?" Amber smiled and closed her eyes answering quietly, "Trista." Shad nodded and set the little newborn girl, now named Trista into Chrisha's arms, her older sister, Shad sat Chrisha on his lap, Tho, Amber, Chrisha, Shad and Trista didn't know wat was gonna come in the future..
Few months past, Trista was sitting in her play pin, sucking on a binkie quietly as Amber, her mother was talking to Shad, The father, A fight started getting carried on, Trista not noticing, and not knowing what it was about. Shad stared at Amber in anger, "You stupid messed up eff'ing drug taker!" Amber stared at him, in anger, Amber had anger issues, since she was a child, she picked up a knife, Shad not noticing, he kept yelling at her, "Son of a b****, all you do is drink and do drugs, you F*cked up Prostatute!" At this point Trista started crying, but the parents didn't notice, Amber had fierce in her heart, and pain in her eyes, she slashed the knife at him, Shad stared at her and stepped back and yelled, "What the hell!" The knife not touching him. After that it seemed like everything got blank, as a baby, Trista wouldn't remember any of it, The next month or so, a devorce was made, and a ownership trial was made, on who would keep the baby, the father got the ownership, but the mother had her license taken away, due to drugs and achohal, the father made the grandparents the gaurdians, Grandma Sandee, and Grandfather Gary, but Trista was only 6 months old at the time, she called them "Nana" and "Papa". Few years past, until she was 6 years old, at this time she was aloud to go to Kintergraden in her Christian school, before she walked into her class, she hugged her grandma and said, "Bye nana! I'll see you after school okay?" She smiled and ran off to meet the kids. A girl the name age as her stared at her, she long blonde hair pinned up in clips, and her big brown eyes sparkleing, the thick brown haired girl stared at her with anger, the teacher said something and she looked up, as the teacher, said, "Okay everyone, Welcome to Kintergarden! I'd like to interduce our new student, Lil miss Trista. Honey would you please come and stand up and face the class please?" Trista smiled and got up from her desk and walked over to the teacher standing near her Teacher, the teacher smiled and said, "My name is Miss Mac, This is Samule, Kristen, Eirk, Jared, Kaya, Stephen, Allason, and Anna.." Trista stared at the thick haired girl, seeing her name was Anna, She smiled and walked over to Anna, the teacher asking, "Trista where are you going?" Trista was quiet and walked over to Anna, she smiled and held out her hand and said, "Hi there..My name is Trista..wanna be--" Trista was cut off, on Anna smacking her hand and stared at her, "Go away you ugly stupid looking freak.." Trista turned around as everyone stared at her and yelled, "Miss Mac!" Misses Mac came over and said, "Yes Trista?" Trista stared at her and said, "Anna called me an ugly stupid looking freak.." Trista looked down and Anna stared at Trista in shock and yelled, "NO! NO I DIDN'T! SHE'S A LIER! She's sinning!" Misses Mac stared at Anna and said, "Anna in the corner, time out." Trista stood there then walked to her seat in silence. Few months later..Things got hectic..
"NO!" Trista yelled in anger, she refused to help her grandma in yard work, she fussed and she cried, as her grandfather walked in and said, "Trista calm down.." As he picked her up and held her, Trista screamed even louder, He sighed and put her down..
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The Secrets~ Chapter 1#. {based on a true story}
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