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PostSubject: Strumming;   Strumming; EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 5:46 am

A poem about letting go. (for me it was my ex.)
Toss me up like a toxic salad. I got one, two, three fingers playing you like a wasted ballad. I built you up like an ancient pyramid; I made you as ridiculous as a rigid winged cupid.
You’re as timid, as you are naked beneath those eyelids. I breached the code, and now I’m in, a goofy grin spread crooked across my face when we sin.
But now I’m running from you. Sweat dripping off me like your cars morning mildew. And you’re as reckless as you are tasteless. You leave the world helpless, as you leave me breathless.

But I’m still infatuated with your eyeliner, I’m ready to blow, tickling the ticks like a flash bomb timer.
Yes, I’ve failed to grasp. Every mistake spoken from my broke A**.

You’re nothing without your stolen words, completely heavily equipped. But what about that boy, you claim to love, you hold so tightly gripped?

You’ve pushed me so far, you’ve crushed me too hard.

Of all the heavenly godly things. And of all the strumming angels, that may sing, I have childishly fallen in love with every sting. The gods and I will look down at you and laugh, at the life of which you cling.

The arrogant still may recognize, that my crooked spine is paralyzed by those they idolize that are mesmerized, and hypnotized. Medusa has plucked my soul from ear to ear. Slithered, and slathered me clear, left within an awkward teenage shell of which I dwell. Along with a wooden picket sign for my heart up to sell.
But In this twisted moment, and by the stone written testaments I have become, a sick blind man. A man with a jet black heart like you'd never discover, silver coated steel bones of a metal lover.

I guide parallel veins from my heart, to yours. Such words can be so predictable, but you are far more. I've dusted off the dusk horizons, and I’ve been smothered in the dens of Lions. I may be lathered in all the sluts, iced with clues,
but I still remember that, I used to be stupid, until I left you.-RGP
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