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PostSubject: Time.   Time. EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 5:46 am

It means everything to me.
The time I spent with that one person.
The time he spent to forget me and find someone new.
The time I spent to learn somethings.
The time to find who I am.
The time I spent helping a friend.
The time I spent with my Dad,My brothers and sisters, My mother.
The time I realized who I was.
The time I took to accept myself.
The time I spent meeting a new friend.
The time I forgave someone.
The time I spent playing my piano for countless hours.
The time I had that special moment.
The time I wrote a couple useless words.
The time I spent being the basket case I truely am.
The time I remembered.
The time I met someone truely special.
The time I fell for someone.
The time I thought things over.
These times.. They're something different.. They'll be new times to look forward to. But old times I will rejoice.
These times I will hold forever in my mind.
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