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 Poem: Impress..

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PostSubject: Poem: Impress..   Poem: Impress.. EmptySun Jul 11, 2010 1:57 am

Take my hand,
And let it go,
I have nothing to show for,
I have nothing to say,
I just wanna make this right,
Just trying to impress you,
Just trying to get you to like me,
The blood,
The pain,
They never go away,
Words just haunting in your brain,
Dont even try to bring me down,
Beaucuse your not going to,
I've tried to be your hero,
I've tried to be your friend,
But it just ends,
Tell why have you put me through this,
Tell me why you got me into this,
The mistakes,
The sins,
The akeing memories,
Nothing to be lost to again,
Nothing to impress,
Just trying to impress you,
Is something I should of never done,
I should of listened,
I should of stayed away,
I didnt fallow my heart,
Nor my gut,
My foolishness lead to here,
To this devilish punish..
~Trista Shay Crame'
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Poem: Impress..
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