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Watching you

Vanessa’s P.O.V((LAST WEEK))
The mirrors had closed in on me and I was trapped in there circle.
Hearing a voice deep in laughter the two yellow cat eyes staring into my hazel ones, the smirk growing on his face. He tried to stare me down but I would not give him the satisfaction of breaking me. I had stood my ground and stared right back at him, grinning devilishly. He had taken two steps towards me and I could see his shadow shining off of the walls. I had no where else to go but backwards. I took two steps back and tripped over a piece of glass. His grin had increased.
I had woken up sweating and breathing heavily. I was frozen from my nightmare but I managed to pull myself off the couch. I had been sleeping on the couch for about two weeks sense I was afraid of my own bedroom. I kept having similar nightmares and they all had the same ending.

Chapter one Victim
Derek’s P.O.V ((Present))
I grin peaking into the girl’s locker room, laughing to myself. My friends Mike and Brett come over and watch with me. When the girls are done dressing we hide behind the door so they will not see us. When the coast is clear we run from the door and grin walking down the hall way.
“So who’s our first victim?” Brett grins, showing his fangs slyly.
“Hmm… well I’m quite fond of the girl with the blonde hair and tall slim body.” Mike licks his lips.
I check my notes and sigh seeing its Brett’s turn to pick. Mike looks over my shoulder and sighs as well. Brett grins taking the notes and putting them in his hoodie.
“Well sense it is my turn to pick I say we go after the cute shy girl in my English and dark arts class.” He grins walking down the hall and flipping his brown skater hair out of his eyes.

Vanessa’s P.O.V
I twist a lock of hair in my hand and smile nervously talking to Andrew my crush of the week.
“So….” I blush giggling. Andrew laughs at me and wraps his arms around my waist pulling me close to him. We both realize we are in the middle of a hallway.. And people are staring at us. Andrew looked quite annoyed with everyone trying to listen into their conversation and stare.
“Come on.” he grabs my arm and tugs me towards the new hallway the school just made. He pins me to the newly painted wall, luckily for me I was wearing his jacket. Slyly I move under his arm that’s pinning me.
“Turning into a challenge finally Vee?” Instead of answering his rhetorical question I roll my eyes walking away and he slaps my A**. Instead of slapping him or calling him a name.. I just walk away.

Brett’s P.O.V
I was so damn bored of hearing this teacher speak for how long? It was probably hours. Okay maybe not so much.. Hours but it was defiantly an hour. Finally the teacher was arranging new seating charts.. I know how lame that sounds being in high school with a seating chart but that’s just how bad English class was. Once it got so out of control that lets just say.. Books of Romeo and Juliet were thrown out the windows. And no I’m not exaggerating students actually tore the books up then threw the papers out the window.
Could you really blame them though.. The book lets just say.. Had some unpleasant things in it.. And might I remind you the entire class thought Shakespeare was on crack when he wrote the book.
“The seating chart is up on the white board and do not even think about changing it I have my own copy.” She nags on and on. I put my Ipod in and drown out her voice.
One more kiss could be the best thing, but one more lie could be the worst.. And now these thoughts are never resting, and your not something I deserve.
“Mr. Yan! Take that machine out of your ears!” There goes that nagging voice again..
“Mr. Yan!” Misses… Nag
“BRETT YAN!” She nags.. I pull the ear plugs out of my ears.
“Yo..” I grin slyly. I laugh watching my teacher literally stomp over to the phone and try to dial a number but I grin satisfyingly when I zip my backpack that contains the phone battery and the chord.
I watch as my victim walks very slowly into the class room. I watch her amused.
“Miss Convan.. Where’s your pass?” I watch my victim stutter shyly.
“Well?” Misses Nag asks. Wait.. Misses who would want to marry a nag? I begin to snicker under my breath laughing at my own joke.
“I-I… d-don’t… hhaavveee… o-one.” I watch the goose bumps increase on her arms. She also nervously bites on her left pinky nail.
“Which teacher were you with?” Misses Nag asks.
“I-I.. wasn’t.. w-with o-one..” Damn why is she stuttering so much?
“This is your one warning NEVER come to my class late, understood Miss Convan?” I watch my victim nod in defeat.
“Well now that that’s out of the way, why don’t you go to your new seat?” I grin knowing my victim sits right in front of me. Oh how much do I love this seating chart right now.

Vanessa’s P.O.V
I walk over to my seat and hide my head behind my note book. I smile looking down at the ground seeing Andrew texts me. I look up nodding my head and pretending to jot some notes down when I’m really texting him back.
…NEVER EVER get me late for English class EVER again!
You know you loved it babe
You think I loved almost fainting in the middle of the class?
“Hey can I borrow your notes shy girl?” Slowly I turn around watching a boy hold out his hand I just nod.
“Sure.. But um they might not be that good.” I smile all the color rushing to my cheeks.
“Thanks.” He says taking the notes. I flip my phone shut when the teacher walks by. I tap my short nails on my desk waiting for the bell to ring impatiently.
When the bell finally rings I rush packing my things up, sadly I feel trapped when my necklace gets caught on his shirt..
“I’m so sorry!” I panic, he just laughs and lightly takes my hand and walks us out into the hallway.
“Its fine, now lets get untangled shall we?” He asks me smirking. I wish I could smirk at this as well.. But I just feel so embarrassed.
“I really am sorry.” I say and walk away quickly once we’re untangled. Smiling I run over to Andrew and kiss his cheek.
“Where’s the necklace I gave you beautiful? And where’s my jacket?” He eyed me suspiciously sense he knew I never took either of them off.
“..Well the necklace got caught on someone’s shirt luckily I can get that back.. But I’m not sure where your jacket is..” I look hurt and pouted at myself. I love that necklace and jacket.. Must find them…need to. I watch him chuckle and pull me close to his chest.
“If you lost them I really don’t care, I’m just upset because you really liked them.” He grabs my waist bringing me even closer. I smile twirling his hair around my fingers pulling his mouth to mine. I wish we could stay like this forever his lips on mine and mine on his.. But sadly every dream must come to an end. I walk down the hallway seeing him the one who might have my necklace. I walk over to him and poke his shoulder.
“..Um..” I whisper into his ear. I hear him mumble something then turn around to me.
“Oh hey shy girl.” He winks at me and clicks the necklace around my neck.
“Thanks that’s what I came for.” I smile. He laughs and points to his binder and pretending to snore. I giggle watching him. I sigh nodding to the bell and wave.
After all of my classes I practically prance down the halls and run into Andrew’s arms.
“Hey babe.” He grins and I smile pointing to my neck.

Brett’s P.O.V
I grin loving the luck of the karma. Don’t ask… okay well I either blame my bad luck on Karma or my good luck on it.. Just something I’ve always done sense.. Hmm how long?
I rush over to Derek and grin slyly.
“I put a tracker on her necklace, victim’s falling into my trap.” I grin licking my lips and Mike shakes his head laughing.
“So Mall? Hot topic tonight at midnight?” I ask my friends and they grin and nod.

Andrew’s P.O.V
She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me I smile kissing Celine.
“I love you, you’re my beautiful girl.” I smile and she moans happily. I grin and caress her face in my hands.
“When are you going to dump the skank?” She pouts her cherry lip gloss making me kiss her again.
“Soon.” I smile lifting her over my shoulder and running out the school door skipping last period.

Brett’s P.O.V
“Mike your turn.” I nod to the locked mall.
“What?” He asks confused.
“I drove and they got the supplies so go on.” I grin pushing Mike forwards and all of us walk to the entrance of the mall. Mike nods his head and deactivates the alarm system with his small hand hold device. He then rolls under the small opening of the locked gate.
“Done” He grins pressing the button and letting us through the now open gate. We’re all dressed in the same outfit such as a black hoodie, black ski mask and black shoes.

Vanessa’s P.O.V
I rush out the door around 12 pm. I smile walking over to Crossgates mall. I need to find a dress for my date with my soon to be boy friend Andrew. I stop at some stores not having any interest in them. I walk over to hot topic and I smile widely sense I absolutely love this store. I walk inside scanning the racks of clothing and shoes and accessories.
Smiling I pick up a black silky bra and black booty shorts. I bump into a set of mirrors. I gasp as I realize I’m in a circle of mirrors.. Just like..
The mirrors had closed in on me and I was trapped in there circle. My dream..
“…Mirrors…” I whimper falling onto my knees while being blinded by a yellow light.. I squint my eyes to have a clearer view.. Two.. Yellow.. Eyes.
the two yellow cat eyes staring into my hazel ones. This was getting way to creepy. I walk out of the circle and bump into a man with a black ski mask on. I let out a scream and he covers my mouth. I twist his hand so he lets go of my mouth. I then grab his mask and throw it onto the floor.
“..Y-you.. H-have.. Ye-yellow.. Ey-eyes..” I stutter. He laughs at me.. A deep throat laugh.
Hearing a voice deep in laughter, this is finally when my mind can not take anymore of this and before I blacken out.. I see his yellow cat eyes staring into my hazel ones with a glare of pure hunger.
My hands are tied in front of me instead of behind.. Their mistake. I grin tugging on the knot with my teeth. The knot loosens, quietly I undo the rope binding my feet.
I stare out the window and guess the speed the car is moving at. Ready? Hell No, Oh well.. Here I go! I open the car door and jump out rolling onto the pavement. I feel the blood that rolls down my cheeks.
.. That could have been better.. I sigh looking at my short sleeved shirt. Should of wore long sleeves. I look around and spot some mud along the grassy fields and some water puddles. I wonder if people had done this before there was anything else to use to help stop the blood flow. I reach down into the mud and apply some to my forehead trying to stops its bleeding, luckily for me it wasn’t that deep of a cut.
I smile until I see the car across the street..

Derek’s P.O.V
“Brett! You fool! This was your mission you were suppose to make sure you chained her hand to yours!” I narrow my eyes at him but he just smirks..
“Derek, buddy, pal.. You really think I failed? Look again.” He grins holding his hand hold device showing me the blue dot on the screen.
“Hmm maybe you haven’t failed quite yet..” I grin, crossing my arms over my chest and lean back against the car door.
“Why is it making beeping noises.. And saying strange catchphrases?” I raise my eye brow staring at the hand hold in Mike’s hand.
“Mike! This is no time to be playing video games! Go back to the damn tracker!” I hear Brett yell and I just chuckle under my breath. I shake my head laughing at them as they continue to fight over the hand hold.
“Brett I would help you but this is your mission.” I smirk. I stare out the window while my eyes are wide staring at the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Even when her forehead was covered in.. mud? and her dark brown hair was curling up at its end from the humidity she was still the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
“Found her!” Brett smiles grabbing the hand hold from Mike and staring out the window.
…Whoa…wait what? That’s the shy girl Brett called dibs on? Screw that.. She’s mine.. Mine who am I kidding? She’s not mine well.. At least not.. YET

Vanessa’s P.O.V
The car just keeps coming closer. I take off sprinting before it has a chance to reach me sadly every step I take my feet throb and my legs want to give out under me. I hold my breath so I wont scream out in ultimate pain.
I run against the cement and my shoes fall off I try to reach them but I know that if I bend down ill go limp. I keep running my feet start to bleed and I’m panting like a dog.
Must keep.. Going.. Cannot give up.. No.. never! if only it was that easy though .. My feet have been bleeding for about an hour now. I blink back the spots that are starting to take over my vision.
My feet finally give out from under me and I’m on my knees, my head drooping down, my hair scattered all over my head and covered with dirt and sweat. I try to move from the middle of the road.. But my legs stay stiff and my body is to numb to move.
Is this the end of me? Getting crushed by all the cars? As if my thoughts just came true cars beep there horns at me. I force myself to stand and my legs wobble trying to disobey my command.
Come on Vanessa.. You can do it.. Your strong if you die who will their for your sister Lynada? Hmm your twin the one who cares about you.. The only person you have sense your parents died and who knows where they are now..
I scream out in frustration and determination. Slowly but at a steady pace I continue to walk.

Mike’s P.O.V
“Guys I’m hungry!” I shout randomly and they nod in agreement. I smile leaning back against the chair.
“Perfect timing to get some food that’s where she’s headed.” I watch Brett and Derek grin.
Why am I still in this criminal business? Oh yah because they’re my best friends and it was fun in the beginning.. Now its just boring and a waste of time.. But they’re my best friends..
“She’s headed towards the beach.. Guess we’ll find some food at the shack.” Derek says sighing.
“Mike you get close to her and assist her basically just don’t let her leave the beach.” I nod my head.
“Derek you set traps near the beach entrance and exit so nobody can enter and nobody can leave.” Brett grins.
“And what will you be doing?” Derek asks amused.
“I’ll steal some food from the shack.” Brett grins satisfied with his ‘fool proof’ plan. Okay so my job is to make sure she doesn’t leave the beach.. And to pretend to be her friend.. Derek has to set beach traps and Brett will get us food.. YAY FOOD!
When the car stops I get out of the door and search the beach for the girl. Umm.. One problem.. WHICH GIRL IS SHE? I start to panic. I look around at all the girls on the beach.. Well most of them have a date.. Does she have a date? Aww damn.. Guess this plan isn’t fool proof! Wait! I have an idea I’ll go ask Derek or Brett! I rush to find either one of them.. But I don’t see them anywhere.
“DEREK!?” I call out and he raises his eyebrow at me. I wait until he rushes over carrying trap supplies.
“Yes?” He asks impatiently.
“.. Which girl is she?” I sigh. Derek slaps my forehead and points to the girl that is walking towards the ocean. I run across the beach and tackle her into the water.
“…GET OFF ME!” She screeches. I stare at the girls blonde hair and she looks up at me and blushes.
“Oops I thought you were some ugly pervert.” She giggles and plays with my hair…
“SORRY WRONG GIRL!” I shout and roll off of her. I watch the brown haired girl swim in the ocean.
“Am I not pretty enough for you?” the blonde girl pouts and places her hands on my shirt..
“Um.. You’re very pretty.. But I’m interested in the brown haired girl..” I say giving her a half smile.
“But she’s so ugly! I mean look at her compared to me!” She pouts more unbuttoning my shirt..
“Sorry but I’m not into whores..” I say.
“Even gorgeous whores?” She smiles and flips her long hair. I push her out of my way not needing to waste time.
I throw my shirt off and dive into the ocean, swimming over to the girl.
“Hey.” I say awkwardly. She gives me an awkward smile and continues to swim around in the ocean.
“Hi, I just love the ocean.” She smiles at me and swims farther out.. I watch the water trace a hint of a red trail following her.
“Hey! Your foot is bleeding!” I swim over to her and throw her over my shoulder she doesn’t seem to mind. I swim to the shore and lightly set her down then examine her foot.
“…That’s a lot of blood..” I say staring at her foot. She looks away not wanting to look at her foot. I lightly take her foot into my hand and start to pull small pebbles out of her skin. She squirms.
“It will only hurt you more if you move..” I say looking concerned. She nods and stays still. I continue to take the pebbles out then I stare at the medium sized rock.. Far under her skin. Aww shit!
“Close your eyes.” I say and she does without asking why. I bring my lips to her foot and dig my fangs into her foot taking out the rock.
“Open your eyes.” I smile. She opens her eyes and gasps at my work.
“I’m not done yet I have to wash out your foot and bandage it.”
“You have bandages with you?”
“No, but I carry some in my friends car.”
“Okay.. But I don’t think I can walk.”
“I’ll carry you.” I say and pick her up bridal style. She wraps her arms around my neck and I text Derek on my water proof phone. I walk over and he’s already holding the bandages.
“This is my friend Derek and I’m Mike.” I tell her.
“Thank you so much both of you, I’m Vanessa.” She smiles flashing us her perfectly white teeth.
“Vanessa can you walk?” She shakes her head sadly. I nod holding onto her and Derek lightly takes her feet and bandages both of them after washing them with peroxide.

Vanessa’s P.O.V
I watch as the kid from my English class comes over and I smile seeing someone I actually know. I reach my arms out to him not wanting to be in a complete stranger’s arms. He takes me into his arms and I wrap my arms around his neck just like I did for the stranger.
“Shy girl how’d you meet my friends?” he laughs shaking his head amused.
“Well Mike helped my feet. And your other friend I think his name is.. Derek? Well he helped my feet as well.” I smile.
“What happened to your feet in the first place?” He asks while staring into my eyes.
“I was running and my shoes fell off.. I was in to much pain to grab them.” I sigh reliving the awful journey.
“How do you suppose your going to get home?” He chuckles shaking his head and I glare at him.
“Vanessa I think its best if you come to my house for the night we were just heading there anyways.” Derek says looking concerned.
“Okay but I’m going to have to call my twin she’s probably worried sick.. And I’m going to need clothes.. And food.” I sigh needing a lot.
“We were just about to eat, Brett bought some food from the shack. Um.. But you’re going to have to wear guy clothing though.. Sense we don’t have any girls clothing at my house.” Derek chuckles.
“Are you sure about this? You guys don’t know me.. I could be a criminal out on the run for all you know.” I smile giggling.
“I don’t think a shy girl like you is a criminal.” Brett laughs.
“My shyness could be an act.” I stick out my tongue at him. Brett jogs over to a black van. He opens the trunk and takes out a towel while holding me.

Brett’s P.O.V
Wow.. That was almost to easy. I smile having my victim in my arms. I open the middle door and step into the van setting Vanessa down on the seat and buckle her seatbelt then I sit down on the seat next to her.
“Derek! I want to drive!” Mike whines fighting for the car keys.
Shit.. Derek.. Please don’t let Mike drive!
“Mike you crashed last week.. This is a brand new van.. SIT DOWN!” Derek shouted and Mike obeyed whining. I notice Vanessa was sound asleep, curled up on the seat. I wrap a towel around her so she wouldn’t freeze.. Especially when she’s in damp clothing. I bit into my shack burger and drink my shake in one sip. Wow.. Was I thirsty!
“Derek how did you manage to switch our Mercedes with a van?” I ask shaking my head.
“Well we did want a new car right?” He shrugs. Yes.. We did need a new car so Vanessa wouldn’t be suspicious.
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