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 Deathly Obsession..

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PostSubject: Deathly Obsession..   Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:32 pm

Let me lie in the dirt. It swallows my blood up whole ;grinding my bones.Taunting, mezmorizing me to create a new world or disaster.
The others leaving me out in the cold dark world. This cold dark world I lay my coffin.
I lay and wonder if this life is worth. Well I would be alone for eternity lying, crying on my deathbed.
People should say I take pity on myself. Pity is an expression. I hate expressions.
I used to be happy, happy as can be. Now I lay in the dark with my sad expressionless life ahead of me.
I hate it. When people try to "save" me. They hand me some stupid card which i'll never use.It's almost as bad as when people feel sorry.
They don't understand. You don't want them. Their feelings their emotion..You want them to leave to fall into their own black hole.
Now I must increase my deathly obsession in one day it will take control of me.. It will take control of all of us.
For this is my deathly obsession.
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Deathly Obsession..
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