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 Midnight Shadows - Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Midnight Shadows - Chapter 1   Midnight Shadows - Chapter 1 EmptySun Jul 04, 2010 4:33 am

Running through the forest, laughing, I almost forgot this was just a dream. I was running through the dark green forest, my jet black hair flowing behind me, my pale skin shining in the moonlight. And then suddenly, everything went black. No moonlight, no forest, no laughter. Just me. Alone. I looked up to see the midnight sky re-appear, the moon shining down on a single spot. A mirror. I slowly walked toward it, my bare feet sinking lightly into the grass that appeared as I started walking. I stopped in front of the full-sized mirror, looking up at the gold frame. I slid my hand up the side, tracing the silver roses on the frame, when a reflection different from mine appeared in the mirror. The girl looked like me, but she wasnt me. Her skin was paler..her eyes bright red, her lips stained with blood. She looked at me, smiling evily. I turned and started running as fast as I could, screaming.
I woke with a start, back in the hotel bed, the digital clock on the night stand proving it was three in the morning. I sighed and stood out of bed, my feet standing bare on the cold tile floor. I mumbled to myself, saying it was just a coincidence this was the forth time I've had the same dream, but I knew better. I pulled on the silky blue robe I had packed the night before, pulling in tight around me. I walked quietly out the door og my suit, thinking about my nightmare. I slowed my pace, almost stopped dead in my pace. I heared someone walking behind me. I turned around, ready to make a smart-A** remark to fend some creepy stranger off, but instead I slammed right into his chest,feeling the muscles under his thin T-shirt. Forcing myself to look away from his chest, I looked up into his deep-green eyes.
"I--I'm sorry." I stammered, cheeks burning red with embarrassment. To my astonishment, he smiled, laughing quietly.
"Don't be." Was all he said, walking by my side with me as I continued walking down the hallway. I sighed, lifting my head to look up at him.
God he was tall... I knew I short, barely five foot tall, but my face only reached to his chest. He looked down at me, pushing his chin-length hair out of his face.
"Not to be rude, but may I ask, who the hell are you and why are you following me.?" I asked, surprised at how confident my voice sounded. He smiled slightly, looking down at me.
" You're not being rude. My fault for not properly introducing myself. I'm just escorting you to your destination, making sure you're safe." He said simply. My cheeks turned rosey again as I nodded and looked straight, avoiding his gaze.
"Addyson." I said softly. Somehow knowing he would take that as my name. I heard him laugh softly.
"Damon." I nodded, reaching the door I had been aiming for. I stood outside the door, hand on the handle.
"Well then, goodnight." I said polietly, smiling shyly and looking up at him. Damon took my hand and kissed it softly.
"Sleep well, Addyson." Was all he said, turning away and walked back down the dark hallway.
I opened the door, knocking on it softly, seeing my older brother lay asleep in bed. I walked over quietly, and crawled in, curling up next to him, pushing him lightly to wake up.
"Erick. Erick wake up... I need to talk to you."
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Midnight Shadows - Chapter 1
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