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 Deadliest Warrior: Season One

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PostSubject: Deadliest Warrior: Season One   Thu May 27, 2010 3:37 am

Welcome to Deadliest Warrior on Spike. A tv show where they take two of historys most dangerous warriors and make them fight each other inside a computer program. It doesnt matter how old or how new the warrior is, they will make them fight. Here are the line ups for our battles.

I.R.A vs. Taliban: http://www.spike.com/full-episode/ir-vs-taliban/32259
The Taliban - deadly extremists battling in the mountains of Afghanistan, versus the I.R.A. - elusive, hard-hitting masters of Ireland's urban jungles. It's a battle to the death, between two lethal guerilla warriors who are armed to the teeth with rocket launchers, flamethrowers, carbines, mines and devastating home-made bombs.

William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu: http://www.spike.com/full-episode/william-wallace-vs/32222
William Wallace. - a battle crazed berzerker who went up against the english empire from the front lines, versus Shaka Zulu - A african war lord who built an army of zulu warriors that killed over two million enemies.

Shaolin Monk vs. Maori Warrior: http://www.spike.com/full-episode/shaolin-monk-vs/32088
One fights for perfection; the other to honor his ancestors. A Shaolin Monk - the ultimate pacifist killing machine from China versus a Maori - fierce, bone-crushing warrior from New Zealand. Steel whips, metal spikes and wickedly versatile hooks versus wood, shark teeth, stingray spines and stone. The hardest weapon on the battlefield is not made of steel.

Green Beret vs. Spetsnaz: http://www.spike.com/full-episode/green-beret-vs/32039
America's elite special forces go up against the top secret Russian commandos of the Spetsnaz.

Yakuza vs. Mafia: http://www.spike.com/full-episode/yakuza-vs-mafia/31958
Mafia - the deadly crime family that rule New York's 1920's underworld, versus Yakuza - feared gang lords that dominate the mean streets of 1940's Tokyo. Their bloody turf war to decide who is deadliest will be settled with machine guns, sawn off shotguns, pistols, bats, nunchuks and icepicks.

Pirate vs. Knight: http://www.spike.com/full-episode/pirate-vs-knight/31860
A Pirate - the merciless high seas marauder; versus a Knight - the armored battle tank that crushed infidels underfoot. It's an explosive, bloody battle between two fighters who hate everything the other stands for -pistols versus crossbow, gunpowder against armor, and cutlass versus a spiked ball of death.

Sartan vs. Ninja: http://www.spike.com/full-episode/spartan-vs-ninja/31578
A Spartan, the bronze battle tank celebrated in the movie 300; versus a Ninja, Japan's legendary master of death. The battle pits the ancient world's most extreme warrior against an enemy who obeys no rules, and kills using stealth, poison, surprise weapons and unbelievable agility.

Viking vs. Samurai: http://www.spike.com/full-episode/viking-vs-samurai/31558
The savage Scandinavian raider that plundered Europe for three hundred years, against the blinding speed and skill of Japan's elite warrior class. It's power versus speed, axe against sword, berserk rage against precision, as these heavily armored legends face off in a battle to the death.

Apache vs. Gladiator: http://www.spike.com/full-episode/apache-vs-gladiator/31444
An Apache - the greatest stealth fighter in American History, versus a Gladiator - crowd-thrilling killer of ancient Rome. It's stone versus steel, devious against direct, surprise versus slaughter, as these two go toe to toe in a no-holds barred battle to the death.
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Deadliest Warrior: Season One
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