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PostSubject: Waking Flower   Waking Flower EmptySun Apr 18, 2010 10:19 am

Chapter one.

This was it. The final test, the last thing to test her theory. She was standing on the edge of the cliff, the wind blowing through her dark brown hair. She looked down at her bare feet, the pale blue dress she had worn the last day....it, happened, reaches passes her ankles. She leaned forward, looking down at the water waving slightly in the ocean. She took in a deep breath and stepped back a little, and then ran with incredible power, and dived off the cliff. She was flying down through the air, getting closer and closer to the water. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of the rush go through her. She fell into the water, diving deep down. She felt the coldness of the water surround her... and even though she should have felt cold, unbelievably cold, she enjoyed it. The coldness felt natural and warm to her. She felt the soft ocean floor beneath her bare feet, her toes digging into the sand. She pushed up and headed to the surface. She was breathing normally when her head popped out of the water. She sighed and started swimming to land, the waves surrounding her. She swam and swam without having to stop and catch her breath. She swam with extreme ease and power; it only took her seconds to reach land. She walked casually out of the dark blue ocean, running her fingers through her damp hair and she walked down the shoreline.
"Adeline!" She heard someone yell. She looked to see someone standing at a small cottage, waving her over. Adeline looked around, her and dress still soaked from the water. She headed towards the little cottage, calking gracefully across the warm sand. When she reached the cottage she looked around in amazement. The cottage was completely made up out of stone. And then she gasped as she looked up to see Him…gazing down at her with his beautiful green eyes that reminded her of emeralds.
"Bout time you got here." He said half jokingly, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. His gaze never left hers. Adeline was completely surprised at how flawless and beautiful his voice sounded.
"Ummm, I'm um, I'm Adeline." She stammered, holding out her hand and smiling shyly. She looked down at herself, soaked from her little swim and ran her fingers through her hair self consciously. And then she heard him laugh. His laugh....his voice... It sounded as if a beautiful song was playing in her ears.
"Yes I know who you are. I'm Adrian." He said politely, taking her hand and bending forward to kiss it. Adeline's cheeks turned rose pink, blushing noticeably against her pale skin. Adeline looked up smiling, and then she heard a melodic laugh fill the air. She jumped slightly at the unexpected sound and looked to see a girl, about her age, but half her size, skip out smiling. The girl's hair was short, only to her shoulders, and a much lighter brown than Adeline's was. Her eyes were big, and a warm chocolate brown...she reminded Adeline of a little puppy dog. Her brown eyes big with excitement and her skipping around almost made Adeline giggle. Suddenly, Adeline felt small, but strong arms wrap around her in a tight hug. Adeline hugged the puppy-like girl softly; scared she would break her, with her looking so small and fragile. And then she heard Adrian’s laugh again...his wonderful laugh... it made her head spin just looking up at him, listening to him....
"Ana I think you should kick her some space, she's still new to all of this." Adrian said chuckling.
The girl’s cheerful, childish laugh filled the air again.
"Ok, Ok fine. Gosh don't have to be such a party pooper." She said, smiling and pushing him playfully. Adrian just laughed and shook his head. He walked to where Adeline was, wrapping an arm around her and leading her into the college. Adeline enjoyed the feeling of being next to him. It felt...right. She leaned into him slightly, and smiled looking around the cottage. It was a cute place, bigger than it looked from outside. The floors were dark red wood, and there was a huge glass window at the side wall looking out to the small garden. Adrian waved over to one of the white couches by the dark-red fire place for her to sit down. Adeline looked down at herself, still soaking wet from her little adventure and talked softly.
“I’m still all wet… I don’t want to ruin the couches and everything.” She spoke, looking down at her feet.
“Oh but of course! We can fix that right away!” Came the girl’s cheerful voice, grabbing her arm and pulling her along lightly before Adrian could say otherwise.
“I’m Anastasia by the way, Ana for short.” She said, pulling Adeline up the stairs and into a beautiful room. Adeline had guessed it was Anastasia’s room, but when she heard the words, she was astonished.
“This is your room, do you like it?” She heard Anastasia say excitedly. Adeline nodded slightly, looking around. The room was spectacular, white carpet, pale blue walls with clouds painted on, a huge king sized bed that had sandy-colored posts on the corners of the bed which were holding up an amazing white canapé. The room reminded her of a small beach and she smiled.
“It’s wonderful…” Adeline mumbled softly to Anastasia. She heard the little girl clap and saw her bounce softly in excitement.
“Ok good, good!” She said happily, leading Adeline into the bedroom. Ana walked to the huge walk in closet and came out with the most darling outfit Adeline had ever seen. It was a deep blue dress with black lace covering it. It swayed softly as Adeline walked, tight around the waist to bring out her gentle curves. Adeline looked in the huge full sized mirror on the wall and sighed. Ana just smiled, walking up behind her with a brush. Ana gently brushed out her hair, making it look silky and soft, hanging down her shoulders. Ana smiled at her success and brought out her make-up, color Adeline’s eyes with black eye-liner, mascara, and topping it off with a light blue eye shadow to bring out her eyes. Adeline looked gorgeous. Her eyes were bright blue, the make-up making them stand out against her pale skin. Her cheeks were a very soft, rose-like pink, along with her lips. The two girls smiled at each other as they headed towards the stairs.
The two girls made it down stairs, and Adeline caught her breath as she saw Adrian. He had cleaned up as well, dressing himself in black jeans and a black muscle shirt, his dark brown hair was hanging down in his eyes…his eyes, those glorious emerald-green eyes that Adeline got lost in. Adeline shook her head, clearing her mind and bringing herself back to reality. She smiled softly as she took her seat on the creamy-white couch. Adrian took a seat next to her, resting his arm behind her on the back of the couch. Adeline thought she could feel herself blush, being this close to him, and her heart raced in her chest. Adrian looked down at her, flashing her a dazzling smile. Adeline smiled back, feeling, and pretty sure she looked, very plain and ordinary next to him.
“Ok, Adeline…Adrian… Time to get down to business,” Said Anastasia slowly, trying to sound serious. “Which means no looking at each other like you want to be…um… alone.” Ana finished, laughing. Adrian’s smile faded and he threw a pillow at the fragile-looking girl, leaning back in the couch. Ana just smiled and caught it right before it hit her in the face. Adeline leaned back in the soft, white couch and laughed softly. Adrian looked down at her, smiling that wonderful smile that made Adeline catch her breath. And then suddenly the room fell very serious, Adeline felt tense with all the silence.
“Adeline,” Adrian began, slowly, picking out his words carefully. When Adeline looked up at him, her normal baby blue eyes that were glowing with child-like curiosity of the world, were now also very serious, a dark blue that seemed the distract Adrian for a quick second, he began to continue speaking.
“Adeline, do you know why you are here?” He asked her cautiously, as if she might get mad and run out the door screaming. Adeline just shook her head softly. She honestly didn’t know what was going on; she didn’t even know where she was. Adrian just nodded and continued speaking again.
“Do you know what year it is, Amore mio?” Adrian asked her softly. Adeline knew what “Amore Mio” meant, of course, her mother had always called her that. It meant, “My Darling”, Adeline wondered why Adrian had called her this…he usually called her by her real name, but Adeline didn’t worry about it. Her being called this made her miss her mom terribly…she could remember her mother’s smile, her laugh…even that silly old perfume she always wore that smelled of lavender. This brought her back to reality, making her remember Adrian’s question. Adeline nodded, of course she remembered what year it was, she wasn’t that lost on reality.
“Of course I remember what year it is, it’s 1678.” She asked surely, positive that’s what year it was. Adrian just side and shook his head.
“It’s 1954, Amore mio…” He answered back, his voice filling with sadness. When he saw Adeline’s expression, he sat back for a moment, allowing her to think about it. Adeline leaned back too, but brought her legs up to her chest, resting her head on her knees and hiding her face. She couldn’t remember what happened. This wasn’t possible… It couldn’t be… All Adeline could remember was her mother’s birthday party, it was so spectacular, how could anyone forget about it? And then Adeline’s eyes filled up with tears as she remembered what really happened. There was a humongous storm which had caused a fire… It burned the house down, her mom getting caught in the fire. Then she remembered herself…she thought she had died but…
When Adrian had heard her sobbing, he wrapped his arms safely around her, trying to comfort her as she remembered her terrifying past.
“I thought I had died…” Adeline whispered softly, unsure if he would hear her. Surprisingly, he did. She was even more surprised with the words he spoke. Two words that made her heart skip a bit with pure fear and confusion.
“You did.” He said quietly, with no expression what so ever. He felt Adeline shudder gently, and he softly stroked her hair, holding her close. Thoughts swam through Adeline’s mind as she tried to piece things together…trying to figure everything out.
“But…but that isn’t possible. I’m here, breathing and talking. I can’t be…dead.” Adeline spoke softly, hiding her face on her knees. She looked up as soon as she heard a gasp. She looked up to see Ana, her usual child-like face was frozen with fear, and her excited eyes were wide with worry.
“They came to find her…” Ana spoke slowly, carefully.
Adeline thought she heard a low hiss come from Adrian, but before she could think about it, she was in his arms and they were running with extreme speed up the stairs. When they reached the top of the stairs, Adrian had dropped Adeline carefully on the bed. Adeline gasped in amazement, watching his face. He looked…different. He looked furious, scary. “Adrian, what’s going on?” She spoke, trying to keep her voice calm. Adrian didn’t answer, so she asked again.
“Adrian! What the hell is going on!?” Adeline yelled, losing her patience with him. He just shook his head and went up to her. Adrian gently puts both hands on either side of her face, gazing down at her. Adeline instantly felt dizzy, feeling his cool breath against her…looking into his deep green eyes. It wasn’t until they heard a loud noise that Adeline had come back to what was going on.
“Adeline, don’t worry ok? I’ll take care of you, I promise.” Adrian spoke with gentle words, and he leaned down to kiss the top of her head. Adeline, always being sensitive, blushed lightly and smiled a bit, looking up at him.
“Ok, I trust you.” She spoke, nodding in confidence. Somehow, she knew he would keep his promise.
Adrian just smiled at her, hoping he would be worthy of her trust. He let go of her face and walked to the closet. He pulled out all the clothes, tossing her a pair of dark denim jeans and a light blue tank top for her to put on. Adeline nodded slightly; standing up to walk to the bathroom connected to her room and put on the outfit he had given her. She kept her cool in the bedroom with him, trying not to show how scared she was. All that fear crashed down on her in the bathroom. Adeline slid down the bathroom wall after changing; just now noticing tears were falling down her cheeks. Adeline tilted her head back and wiped carefully at her eyes, careful not to ruin her make-up, stood up, and walked out the door with her head held high and her shoulders back. Adrian seemed surprised to see her acting so brave, but saw it in her eyes she was just as scared as he was. He went over to her, looking very handsome as the sunlight shone down into the bedroom from the big bay window of Adeline’s room, he was holding a large bag. Adeline guessed the bag was full with all her things. Adrian was standing right in front of her, their faces so close together…if Adeline stood up on her tip toes…and tilted her head towards him slightly…
“Are you ready to go…?” Adrian asked softly, seeming to be out of breath somehow. Adeline nodded.
“Yes, I’m ready. But where exactly are we going if I might ask?” Adeline asked, looking up at him. He was much taller than her…but still seemed to be a perfect height. Adrian smiled politely at her.
“Just on a little trip, it won’t be too long…I hope.” Adrian said, smiling. Adeline just sighed and nodded, knowing this was all the answer she would get… Adeline allowed him to pick her up in his arms again, and then ran back down stairs with incredible, unbelievable speed. They made it outside through the big double doors. Adrian slowly let Adeline down, slightly behind him. At first, Adeline didn’t realize what the problem was. And then she saw them. They were really short…she didn’t know a word for what they were. They were both girls, a little bit taller than Ana. One girl had long, bleach-blonde hair that went past her waist. At the end of her hair, the tips were black, and her hair blew gloriously in the wind. Her eyes…her eyes were the darkest red Adeline had ever seen. And the girls stare was hard and cold. The girl next to her, exact same height, only she looked paler, her eyes were a much brighter red. And her hair, reached down to her waist, only it was black with blonde tips.
“Lidia, Maya, I think it’s time for you to leave now. My sister…” Adrian spoke, looking at his sister. “is getting frustrated.” Adrian spoke clearly to the two girls, hiding Adeline behind his back. The two girls giggled, obviously spotting Adeline.
“Ok then fine… Just remember, we’ll find you sooner or later.” Said the blonde, her hands on her hips and smiling humorlessly. The two girls turned, walking swiftly away. Quickly, Adrian was pulling Adeline along towards the car. When Adeline saw it, she gasped. It was a glorious black porche. Adrian opened the door for her, letting her into the backseat, and sat down next to her while Ana took the steering wheel. Adeline was thankful Adrian sat by her. She rolled over to lay down on the backseat, pulling her legs up and resting her head on his lap.
“Adrian…Who were those girls back there?” Adeline asked quietly, not bothering to look up. Somehow she knew that he was listening. She felt Adrian take a deep breath and then let it out, the cool air surrounding her.
“They were the Devil twins. Literally. They were made vampires…believed they were dammed to hell anyways. So basically doing Devil work. They’re trying to get rid of all humans…” Adrian spoke softly and slowly. Adeline nodded, understanding. Adrian just smiled gently down at her, stroking her hair softly.
“Just go to sleep…You’ll be ok in the morning.” That was all Adeline needed to hear from him. And then he bent down and gently kissed her head. Adeline closed her eyes and darkness surrounded her as she drifted to sleep.

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i would just like to say o.o
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Chapter 2.
The truth.

Adeline woke the next morning to find herself in a warm and soft bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets. She sat up, stretching and yawning, and looking around the room.
“You talk in your sleep…I hope you know that…”Adrian spoke quietly, sitting in the corner of the room where Adeline couldn’t see.
“Holy…ah!!” She yelled, startled by his sudden voice and then falling off the bed to turn and look at him. Adeline sat on the floor, fighting the urge to giggle. Adrian ran over, clearly trying to hide his amusement. He bent down to take her hand gently, and pulled her to her feet. Adeline stood up, but then tripped and fell forward, landing right in his arms. Adrian caught her, wrapping safe arms around her and setting her back on the bed. Adeline blushed and looked up at him. Adeline shook her head, clearing her mind and remembered what she had been meaning to ask him.
“Umm, can you explain to me now…what’s going on…” Adeline asked slowly, hiding her face. She thought she caught Adrian smile, and then she felt his hand gently pulling her head up to uncover her face.
“Ok, I suppose you should know… Well now, where do we begin…I guess I’ll start from the very beginning.” He started, holding Adeline with one arm allowing her to lean against him. Adeline just realized how dizzy she was, but she focused on his voice.
“Well you see, Ana and I, we are twin vampires, if you haven’t figured that out yet… But we are a different kind of vampires. We are what you call…guardian vampires. We’re vampires but we are chosen to watch over a…” He let out a small laugh. “…human. But ad you can see, things have changed. We have known you since you were very little, Adeline. In fact, our parents have watched your mother, and our grandparents watched your grandmother, and so on. You picked us, really. Everyone woman in your family has. You made us up when you were little…We were those imaginary friends you used to always see.” Adrian said softly, looking down at Adeline.
“So… When I used to see those…those shadows, and shapes and figures, it was you…” Adeline asked quietly, in almost a whisper. All Adrian did was nod. Adeline looked up at him, seeing something in his eyes…a worry she hadn’t seen.
“You’re hiding something.” Adeline said, and when he didn’t answer…she spoke again. “Tell me.” She demanded. Adrian let out a sigh of defeat.
“Gosh very demanding and stubborn I see…” He mumbled softly, but then he smiled. “I like it.” He added, making Adeline blushed. Adrian laughed, sliding his finger down Adeline’s cheek.
“Rose petals against soft snow…” He had said, describing her rose-colored blushing against her pale skin. Adrian sighed, controlling himself again.
“The shadows, Adeline, were not only just us…There were…other things out there. Things beyond your imagination, things wanting to hurt you darling…” Adrian spoke fast, getting caught up in his explaining. Adeline looked up at him.
“But…why would they want to hurt me?” Adeline asked.
“You… you have certain powers beyond belief. The creatures that roam the shadows at night…the things you used to have nightmares about… They want your power. They take their power. And then they kill you.” Adrian’s voice came low…almost in a whisper. Adeline, not wanting to see his expression, looked around the hotel room. The black walls had soft pink flowers panted on that light up when sunlight hit. The bed…the wonderful, soft bed she was sitting on was so soft she thought it was made out of nothing but clouds and rose-petals. The bed covering, pink and white fit in with the room completely, and she looked over the see a huge closet with all her clothes. She wondered why they were here… And then she heard him speak again, and her head flew up to look at him, his voice filling with sadness.
“One time…just last year, well, the year you had died. I thought they had actually killed you…taken your power… and everything… If I would have just been there! You wouldn’t have died like this! You wouldn’t have to go through what you’re about to…” Adrian sounded as if he were falling apart. Without even thinking, Adeline felt pulled to him, needing his arms around her…his warm lips against hers… Adeline threw her arms around him burying her face on his chest. Adrian didn’t hesitate; he wrapped his arms securely around her, holding her close to him.
“It isn’t your…your fault, Adrian. I’m sure you did everything you could…” Adeline spoke, her own voice breaking as tears fell down her cheeks. Adeline looked up at him. Adrian…this man she had known basically her whole life. It all fit together now. He was the little boy nobody else saw… He was the one Adeline knew and grew up with, even though she thought he was just imaginary back then, now she knew different. And she felt drawn to him… He gazed down at her, with those lovely emerald eyes… She was shocked out close their faces had gotten, put she didn’t pull away. Instead, she leaned forward, stopping right in front of his face.
“Ti amo, piccolina mia…” She heard him whisper softly, but before she could remember or even figure out what those words meant, she felt his warm lips against hers. As their lips moved together in unison, Adeline closed her eyes and got lost in what she felt she had been waiting for her whole life.
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Waking Flower
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