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 indiana jones and the heart of the dragon(original story)

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PostSubject: indiana jones and the heart of the dragon(original story)   Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:44 am

this is my first attempt at a story so bear with me
Chapter 1
“Ah, memories…”sighed Doctor Jones as he entered the grand re-opening of the club obi wan. He wondered if Willie still worked here as he ordered some wine. The lights dimmed and the show began with a bang of a gong. Then two men sat down at his table by the looks of them one was Marshall Kai and the other Alois Brunner.”May I help you?” said Doctor Jones easily. As soon as he said that, Marshall pulled out a gun and said, “Don’t say anything just listen or you will be dead before you hit the floor.” Doctor Jones unphased by his threat and says,”I’m listening.”
“We have a job for you. We want you to find the heart fo the dragon for us….if you effuse you will die.”
“What makes you think I will find it?!”
“you have found the holy grail and the ark of the covenant before…you can find this. Trust Me.”
“First I will do my research then I will think about it.”
Just then Indy punches Marshall so hard he is out cold and as Brunner tries to get him Indy take shis whip and whips Brunner’s hand so the gun falls.A guy with a machine gun comes out and shoots at Indy. Indy jumps out the window…again and falls onto a stand.
“I wish short round was here now…” Indy runs down the street and hides in a restaurant until the coast is clear.
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indiana jones and the heart of the dragon(original story)
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