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 The Gold Fang Legend; Ginga Intekjisou Kaminari

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PostSubject: The Gold Fang Legend; Ginga Intekjisou Kaminari   Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:50 am

Yeah I know nobody will read it, so I don't care.


It's been nearly 14 years after the young, silver, Tora-Ge dog, Gin has saved Ohu, from the demonic bear, Akakabuto. Once his son, Weed, was born and went to find his father, Gin, the Leader of the large Japanese pack took his place after defeating the bloody dog, Hougen, a spotted Great Dane. Forwarding the time after getting a mate, a beautiful white kishu named Koyuki they both had pups together anmed, Orion, Bellatrix, Rigel, and Betelgeuse, but, he also had one more pup, a strong, black akita named Kaminari who would join up with her brothers and sister to defeat Hougen's nephew and a pack of street dogs named Kyoushin. The young Dane was powerful in his moves, yet bloodthirsty for killing Ohu members. The Alpha of the Street Dog pack, Rylosenshi, agreed to be allies with Kyoushin's army of dogs. The pup and siblings had hardships infront of them, and would needs the whole country's help.

Comment if you want me to write more.


This is Kishu, Help her Rule the World by Kawaii Epicness
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The Gold Fang Legend; Ginga Intekjisou Kaminari
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